Belinda Sykes & JOGLARESA

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Bring Us Good Ale
Rhythm and Booze - medieval style



Book the UK's most toe-tapping medieval band for wassails, carols, yuletide song, rhythm and booze (booze optional) to conjure up darkness, firesides, feasting and singing. Maybe get your local brewery to sponsor us!

In the Middle Ages everyone, young and old, drank a lot of ale since water was often dirty and the process of brewing killed many germs.

The rich drank imported wine. . .

For December 2020 bookings

MP3 Demos:
A Wassail, a Wassail
Blow Northerne Wynd
The Boar's Head Carol
Lullay my Chyld

Thrilling and hauntingThe Times

One marked highlight at St. John’s Smith Square’s Christmas festivities was Joglaresa - it was packed with punters, for Belinda Sykes’ spirited medieval ensembleThe Independent