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NEW CD of our iconic December 2019 concert:

Live at St Barts - Folk & Medieval Songs for Yuletide £12

Listen: I Saw Three Ships | Gabriel that Angel Bright    | Congaudeat turba fidelium    | Personent hodie (& Bear Dance, God Rest You Merry...)  | Nay Ivy, Nay!  | Cauld Blaws the Wind  | The Snow It Melts the Soonest |

Magdalena - Medieval Songs for Mary Magdalen FRESHLY REPRINTED! 10 Reviews
12-page CD booklet contains extensive programme notes in English, plus English translations of the songtexts

Listen: Ave, plena Magdalena | Chanter voel | O Maria, prius via | Ave, clari generis | O Maddalena | Novum festum

Sing We Yule - Folk & Medieval Songs for Yuletide £12
12-page CD booklet contains programme notes and song translations

Belinda Sykes, Emma Kirkby, Sianed Jones, Angela Hicks, Hazel Askew, Cerian Holland, Úna Palliser, Lea Cornthwaite
Louise Anna Duggan, May Robertson, Guy Schalom, Magnus Mehta, Zands Duggan, Tad Sargent

Listen: Personent hodie | Veni Emmanuel | Ave rosa novella | Peperit Virgo | Sainte Nicholaes | In dulci iubilo
Don Oíche ud im Beithil| Christ Child Lullaby | Make we myrth |

Magna Carta - 800yrs of rebels & royals £5
Live recording produced as a 27min EP in a cardboard sleeve

Listen: Miri it is | Ne m'oubliez (Robin&Marion motet) | Quant vei lo temps renovelar (harsh criticism of King John)

Nuns & Roses - Medieval Songs of Sin & Subversion £10
16-page CD booklet contains both programme notes and song translations

Listen: Ire sivis (anti Crusades) | Cuncti simus (dancing in church) | Co la madre (female bishops?)
Magno/Hush/Trotto (casting down the proud)| O admirabile (gay love)

In Hoary Winter's Night - Irish & English Songs of Wintertide £10
4-page CD booklet contains notes on the songs

Listen: Down in Yon Forest | Blow Northerne Wynd | Wassail | Coventry Carol

Douce Dame Debonaire - Medieval French Song £5
8-page CD booklet contains complete original songtexts, plus English translations

Listen: De moi dolereus | Lai de Nostre-Dame | Douce dame debonaire | Douce dame jolie 

Dancing in Tetuán - Judeo-Arabic Song, recorded in London's Abbey Road Studios £10
8-page CD booklet contains notes, plus English translations.
Listen: Bailava en Tetuan | Esta muntanya | Hibbi zawidni | Ya hadiya | Kondja mia  

Stella Nuova - Celebratory Songs of Medieval Italy £5 Reviews
4-page CD booklet contains short programme notes in English, plus most verses of the original songtexts

Listen: Madonna Santa Maria | Danza: Ave Maria | Laudata sempre sia | Salutiam divotamente Madre che festi | Puer natus