Belinda Sykes & JOGLARESA

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Listen to Joglaresa (mp3s from live concerts & CDs):


Dancing in Tetuan Judeo-Arabic, Hebrew and Judeo-Spanish Song
Bailava en Tetuan | Esta muntanya | Hibbi zawidni | Ya hadiya | Kondja mia

Nuns & Roses Celebrating all that is sinful, subversive, or downright criminal
Magno gaudens gaudio | Ire si vis | The Lay of the Shepherdess | Cuncti simus concanentes

Magdalena A medieval portrait in song of Mary Magdalen
Ave, plena Magdalena | O Maria, prius via | Ave, clari generis | Novum festum

In Hoary Winter's Night Medieval and traditional carols of England and Ireland
MP3s from a live concert:
Down in Yon Forest | Blow Northerne Wynd | Wassail | Coventry Carol

The Carpet of Dreams Jewish and Arabic Stories with traditional music
Onde Que Tope | Quantas sabedes | Taqsim

Douce Dame Debonaire Songs of the Trouvères
De moi dolereus | Lai de Nostre-Dame | Douce dame debonaire | Douce dame jolie

The Scimitar & the Sword Muslim, Jewish and Christian music from the Crusades
Luto carens | Tahmila

Magna Carta 800 years of rebels & royals
Miri it is | Ne 'm'oubliez mie | Quant vei lo temps renovelar

Stella Nuova Celebratory Songs from Medieval Italy
Madonna | Danza: Ave Maria | Laudata sempre sia | Salutiam divotamente | Madre che festi | Puer natus