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Education - A Joglaresa trio (or full 5-piece band if you prefer) will teach music workshops using Magna Carta as their theme, and using voice and percussion as the main medium. They have arranged their medieval Magna Carta songs with new English texts for Primary School years: 3 to 6 - imagine 'Horrible Histories' meets medieval minstrelsy... King John died of diarrhoea...! Magna Carta forms part of Key Stage 2 History, National Curriculum.

Workshop possibilities include anything from a one-off day's workshops, to a few schools workshopping then coming together for a concert with Joglaresa. We can take all your pupils in this age group, or just your especially musical ones if you prefer. If you have a school recorder group we can also involve recorder playing (Belinda has taught recorder from primary schools to conservatoires).

Video of education work - Joglaresa runs fantastic workshops that can be part of a performance programme too:

Joglaresa school workshop songsheets for Magna Carta 2015
Songs for primary schools, which include recorder arrangements. The 'voice' part has guitar chord symbols, and the harmonies (being medieval) are simple and drone-like - easy for teachers playing along on guitar or piano. Also easy to improvise rhythmic drones with pupils. Add percussion liberally...

All material is Belinda Sykes' intellectual property. Some is David Sykes' intellectual property. Any users of this material must fully credit Belinda Sykes and Joglaresa, including a link to in digital material, and writing '' in printed materials. Performed by Angela Hicks (vocals) and Belinda Sykes (recorders and vocals), and Joglaresa. Copyright Belinda Sykes 2014.

King John - a song about King John with accompaniment for intermediate and advanced recorders.

Scores: Voice | All recorders | Sopranino | Descant | Treble | Tenor
MP3s: Full mix
Lyrics only

No Taxation Without Representation - a song about King John with accompaniment for beginner and intermediate recorders.

Scores: Voice | All recorders | Descant 1 (easy) | Descant 2 (easy) | Easy Treble | Treble | Tenor
MP3s: Full mix | Recorders
Lyrics only

Robin Hood, Robin Hood - actually a Renaissance, rather than a medieval, song by Ravenscroft. This beautiful round includes new Magna Carta lyrics, and parts for intermediate and advanced recorders.

Scores: All voices | Main voice plus guitar chords | All recorders (SSAT)
MP3s: Full mix (recorders adding a part each time, then one voice at a time) | 'Robin Hood' part solo | 'King John' part solo | 'Runnymeade' part solo | 'Proper Justice' part solo
Lyrics only

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize - an American civil rights song with intermediate recorder parts.

Scores: Voice | Voice plus chorus harmonies | All recorders | Descant & Treble 1 | Treble 2, Tenor, Bass
MP3: Full mix
Lyrics only

Female Suffrage - an American female suffrage song - it takes the mickey out of those who think women have everything - why do they want the vote too!

Scores: Voice | All recorders | Descant 1 (Easy) | Descant 2 | Treble | Tenor
MP3s: Recorders | Voice
Lyrics only












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