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In Hoary Winter's Night



1. Nowell, Nowell: Tydynges Trew C15th England

2. Lullay My Chyld Text: C15th England, Music: Belinda Sykes
& Verbum Bonum Slipjig Belinda Sykes
& The Green Fields of Glentown Tommy Peoples

3. The Gower Wassail Traditional, England

4. Lordings, Listen to Our Lay Text: Anglo-Norman Carol, Music: Belinda Sykes

5. The Hern Text: Corpus Christi Carol, Music: John Fleagle (1952 - 1999)

6. Down in Yon Forest Traditional, England & Appalachia

7. Blow Northerne Wynd Text: C15th England, Music: John Fleagle (1952-1999)

8. As I in Hoary Winter’s Night Robert Southwell (d. 1595)

9. Mi Levedie, Ich Thonke Thee Text: C15th England, Music: Traditional

10. This Truth Sent from Above Traditional, England

11. Adam Lay Y-Bownden Text: C15th England, Music: Traditional

12. The Darkest Midnight in December Traditional, Ireland

13. The Coventry Carol C16th England

14. Good People All, This Christmas Time Traditional, Ireland

15. Cold, Haily, Windy Night Traditional, Scotland, England & Ireland

16. Now to Conclude Our Christmas Mirth Traditional, Ireland

Total length: 66'37"